Snapchat plans to insert ads between stories, launches ads API

Snapchat plans to insert ads between stories, launches ads API

Snapchat will soon be launching its anticipated Snapchat Partners program, complete with an advertising API, allowing big brands an easier way to buy ads on the platform.

The new system will help to make the process of purchasing and managing ads by key “Snapchat Partners” as automated as possible, according to AdWeek. Ads Partners will develop the tools and technology necessary for advertisers to buy and manage their campaigns. Creative Partners will work to develop marketing material specifically for Snapchat’s unique vertical video format. Measurement Partners will be responsible for the tools given for advertisers that allow them to track key metrics from their campaigns.

But what does this mean for Snapchat users?

You’ll soon start seeing advertisements automatically inserted between stories. These advertisements will be full screen, with sound enabled if yours was already turned on, but will also be skippable.

Advertisers will have control over a swipe-up action; if a viewer is intrigued and swipes up on the ad, the advertiser has a choice of actions like showing a longer video, redirecting to a website within Snapchat’s in-app browser, or prompting for the installation of an app.

This news comes on the heels of Snapchat’s latest update, which already made stories from publishing partners (the “Discover” tab) more prominent. Stories from publishers like Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, and ESPN now appear on the main stories page above content from your friends and family. Users fear the platform is becoming a wasteland of sponsored content.

Snapchat promises to review all advertisements ingested into their system to ensure quality and creativity, but similar promises have been made by companies launching new ad initiatives, and those ends of the bargain aren’t always held up.

Aside from their content partnerships, Snapchat also makes money through the sale of sponsored Geofilters and Lenses – the former of which is available through a self-serve tool.

“I think advertising is a very large opportunity, and we’re just getting started,” said Snapchat’s chief strategy officer Imran Khan.