‘Prank’ gone wrong leads to fatal shooting of aspiring YouTuber

‘Prank’ gone wrong leads to fatal shooting of aspiring YouTuber

Prank videos and firearms just don’t mix.

Pedro Ruiz III, 22, was fatally shot by his girlfriend Monalisa Perez, 19, when a prank went horribly wrong. They Minnesota-based couple were to film a video in which Perez would fire a bullet towards Ruiz, which they believed would be stopped by an intervening book. Their assumptions were proven incorrect, when the bullet passed through the book and into Ruiz’ chest.

The incident was captured from two different camera angles, according to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, who first reported the story. The couple’s three-year-old daughter witnessed the incident, and Perez is pregnant with the couple’s second child.

“She agreed to do the video and to shoot the gun after Ruiz showed her a different book that he had shot that prevented the bullet from going all the way through,” the Press reported.

Perez has been charged with second-degree manslaughter and is currently in jail awaiting sentencing. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and/or fines of up to $20,000.

“They were in love,” said Claudia Ruiz, Pedro’s aunt, to the Press. “It was just a prank gone wrong. It shouldn’t have happened like this. It shouldn’t have happened at all.”

The couple’s channel touted just 300 subscribers at the time of the incident. The couple created their channel in March, and uploaded their first video in May.

  • Red

    Shot a gun at her boyfriend, but didn’t expect the bullet to hit him. WELL WHAT THE FRICK WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN?!

    • Ryan Kuster

      Expected the bullet to stop, apparently as he showed her it worked on a different book.

  • NettoPur

    So much stupid.

  • wrestlingrules

    How the hell was shooting a real gun into a book her bf was holding a prank again?

  • Union Lacktivist

    If they uploaded that video it would have been a real hit. Youtube would have deleted it though… Liveleak is better for that.

  • Jeff

    Who the hell uses a live round in a prank video? And thinking a book will consistently stop a bullet?

    Talk about stupidity…

  • X Files Episodes

    Wait. He’s 22, she’s 19, and they have a THREE YEAR OLD child already and another on the way? Let’s do a little math here. So he was 18-19 and banging a 15 year old (became pregnant at 15, gave birth at 16)? Maybe she was getting him back for the STATUTORY RAPE?!!!

    Honestly, in all seriousness, I hope SHE spends life in jail because she should have known better, and the kids go to someone competent to raise them so they can overcome their 2x double dose of The Stupidity Genes. Some people should NOT breed.

    Then there is the fact that they could not figure out how to operate their genitals safely, who the hell let them have access to firearms? And by the way, THEY DID THIS CRACKPOT NULLWIT SCHEME IN FRONT OF THEIR 3YO BABY DAUGHTER. So thanks to mommy and daddy’s arrogance and stupidity, some innocent (but genetically doomed, unless the world intervenes) kid had to watch her mom shoot her dad.

    Not only is this Colossal Stupidity and Darwin Award All Time worthy, THIS IS CHILD ABUSE. DISCHARGING A GOD DAMN FIREARM IN FRONT OF YOUR CHILD IS RECKLESS ON SO MANY LEVELS. It’s endangerment due to the bullet. Likewise for bullet fragments. The shell could have blinded the kid, or maimed her, so there’s that. Then there is the deafening sound. Something tells me these DUMB FUCKS were not wearing hearing protection, and I am doubtful AF that they even gave consideration to that for their child.

    Can we please start an Optional Licensing Program that licenses people to operate their genitals, with incentives for safe operation (ie: defining safe operation as the kind that emerges from careful, considered decision-making, consent with someone capable of giving it and in a state of mind that is appropriate, where an abundance of precautions are taken such that the genital maneuvering does not lead to STI/STD transmission or unintended pregnancy risk, and where the program penalizes them for fucking any of this up at any stage.

    I feel this would help all parties involved, and society as a whole. Immeasurably.

    In the meanwhile, ~ 49.7% of births in the USA are MEDICAID births, as this child undoubtedly was, and a large portion of THOSE births are then subsidized by more tax dollars for housing, food, etc. So we as tax payers are LITERALLY HIRING AND PAYING the MOST STUPID, INCOMPETENT, and in many cases, DANGEROUS and/or ABUSIVE people to raise our next generation of kids.

    That is complete bullshit. I don’t care what your politics are. All kids deserve to be born to someone who is capable of raising them, who loves and wants them, and who is not literally using or exploiting them or abusing them or routinely putting them into danger.

    This is a human rights issue. Children should not be born into such chaos and dysfunction. They are entitled to loving, competent parents who are capable of raising them, not who breed in order to have their housing and food tabs picked up by the taxpayer. Children are NOT property. So they should NOT be EXPLOITED as MEAL TICKETS.

    Stop Breeding Stupid. Start Incentivizing Responsible and Smart.

    Let these folks have safe, adult, consensual sex to their heart’s content, with whom and when they want, but with an abundance of birth control methods, which are correctly and consistently applied. And let’s support them through those years, including some modest subsidy to help defray the costs of self-sufficiency in early adulthood, while they pursue whatever education or vocational training or Ignorance Reduction Programming is necessary to usher them into self-sufficient adulthood.

    And THEN as these people gain mastery in life and greater standing in their employment situations, careers, and/or communities, then let’s support and help and facilitate/support/subsidize the ones who also actively love children and wish to make the sacrifices and provide the love and care and services to become parents. But let’s offer them the opportunities to get these subsidies and this support by allowing them to participate in an Optional License to (Eventually) Become Parents program.

    Such a program would identify the absolute best-case scenario of parenting skills, knowledge, understanding, temperament, situation, etc, and then have an array of means of demonstrating these skills and readiness. I personally would absolutely participate in such a program, voluntarily. I am great with kids and have many attributes, but there are infinite ways I could still learn more and benefit more. Demonstrating proficiency could be achieved through a multi-faceted, voluntary examination that is written (digital technology makes this easy and low-cost to roll out), as well as practical skills (digital and real-life scenarios) as well as psychometrics and related exams. We would then reward people who are able to demonstrate their competency in the skills and responsibilities involved in parenting, proportionately, with a combination of sliding scale and merit-based subsidies.

    And then we can celebrate people of all kinds living their fullest, happiest, most rewarding, fulfilling, and satisfying lives while ALSO preserving the rights of most precious and vulnerable of our society – the children. Therein, we would be honoring and respecting the human rights inherent to all of us without throwing INNOCENT KIDS into situations where PEOPLE LIKE THIS (OR WORSE) ARE HAVE ACCESS TO CHILDREN, MUCH LESS ARE “PARENTS”.

    I see abused kids and kids with trash parents ALL THE time. It is a cancer to our society and the kids are the ones suffering. Ultimately, many of them grow up to become: either just like their parents, bitter and angry at their parents, bitter and angry at the world, or simple broken and lost. Some of them manage to thrive anyway. All of these kids are valuable lives but they are being bred into danger. We have to do something as a society to lovingly affirm their value and protect their physical, mental, emotional safety and help them thrive in their lives to become healthy, productive adults.

    TL;DR: I am honestly sickened by the fact that people of the maturity and competence of Pedro Ruiz III, 22, and Monalisa Perez, 19, are allowed, encouraged, and supported in having children together at this stage of their lives, and that we as taxpayers are negligently hiring incompetent people to breed and raise vulnerable people.

    We the taxpayers are liable and are complicit in the suffering of each and every child who is born into this non-sense, and we should do something kind, and affirming, and supportive AS WELL AS RESPONSIBLE in order to prevent it.

    We need a well-honed, bi-partisan mechanism of society to counteract and prevent this from happening until people actively want children for the types of reasons and are able to sustain the type of home environment. Most often, this happens later in life.

    Maybe we should strongly consider a tiered / graduated / scaled welfare program that really looks compassionately but also responsibly at all situations where people are struggling, or where they need support and a boost to get them to the next level of life, and which supports objectively good choices and withholds support for objectively bad, selfish or reckless ones. The fact that they already had a kid this way and had another one on the way is unacceptable. I wouldn’t trust these people to take care of my goldfish, much less two vulnerable human beings.

  • Frenzify

    It is very hard for me to feel any sympathy for this. This is just pure idiocy, and they have no one to blame but themselves.

  • MiXinG v.k

    Perez has been charged with second-degree manslaughter and is currently in jail awaiting sentencing