YouTube viewership of presidential election coverage up 5x from 2012

  With election day less than 24 hours away, coverage of the United States presidential election is dominating news cycles and social media feeds all across...
Twitter is shutting down Vine

Twitter is killing off Vine as financial struggles continue

This morning, Twitter announced that they're killing off their six-second looping video platform, Vine. In their announcement post on Medium, the company didn't specify as...

Facebook is testing another Snapchat competitor, “Messenger Day”

Facebook may be attacking Snapchat with yet another new product. As if Instagram Stories wasn't enough, the company is testing something called "Messenger Day" in Australia. A...





Casey Neistat's video-sharing app Beme has been acquired by CNN

CNN acquires Beme, Casey Neistat’s experimental video sharing app

In a deal worth an estimated $25 million, CNN has acquired flagship vlogger Casey Neistat's video-sharing app Beme. The buyout comes days after Neistat announced he...

Social Blade has risen to the cloud!

Something wonderful has happened at Social Blade! We've spent the last 45 days preparing some much needed upgrades to the website and all the...
Meerkat changes product's course in response to low usership

Meerkat changes product’s course in response to low usership

In an ever-competitive marketplace of standalone live streaming products, Meerkat has decided to shift their product’s focus. A memo by Meerkat’s CEO Ben Rubin to investors...

Apple Acquires Kinect Sensor Developer PrimeSense

Microsoft’s Kinect console is one of the main reasons they’ve remained so competitive in the gaming market. Being able to control your Xbox 360...

PS4 vs. Xbox One

With PlayStation 4 being released November 15, and Xbox One slated for release on November 21, the battle between the two consoles is heating...


Pride Con 2016

Inaugural Pride Con event canceled without refunding ticketholders

Just ten days away from Pride Con's inaugural event in Anaheim, Calif. - a first year convention focused on the LGBT online video community -...
Susan Wojcicki at VidCon 2016's Industry Keynote

YouTube CEO shares major announcements at VidCon’s Industry Keynote

For the past several years, YouTube has used VidCon as a platform to share new industry findings, announce big ideas and innovations, and talk about...
VidCon set to expand globally in 2017 with events in Europe and Australia.

VidCon to expand globally; Europe and Australia events set for 2017

One day before the 7th annual VidCon event in Anaheim, California, the convention announced it will be expanding overseas in 2017. Next year will see...
VidCon to offer live stream sponsored by YouTube

VidCon to Offer Three-Day Live Stream Sponsored by YouTube

  For the first time ever, VidCon will be offering a free live stream to fans, creators, and industry members that can't make the trip...
Playlist Live Orlando 2016

How Playlist Live Continues To Crush It, Year After Year

Playlist Live began in 2011 with just 600 attendees, less than a year after the inaugural VidCon - the first events of their kind, bringing...