YouTube glitch results in huge subscriber count losses, negative sub counts

YouTube subscriber count glitch

A number of YouTube channels are experiencing huge subscriber count losses, as the result of a glitch that occurred Wednesday afternoon.

The glitch was first reported by YouTube user BlackScreenTV, who theorized that it was caused by a counting error when subscribing and un-subscribing. We conducted our own tests, and found his theory to be correct.

Here’s an example: You find a channel that has 1,000 subscribers. If you subscribe, their count would be increased to 1,001 – normal, intended behavior. When you immediately unsubscribe, however, their count decreases by two, dropping to 999. The ending result is a net gain of -1 subscribers, as opposed to 0.

The glitch caused many top channels to seemingly lose thousands of subscribers on Wednesday afternoon, with several channels dropping into the negatives.

One of many negative subscriber counts

This bug does not affect real subscriptions, however, and channels aren’t losing any subscribers that didn’t explicitly click ‘unsubscribe’ – this glitch only affects the total subscriber count displayed.

UPDATE 5:20pm ET: YouTube confirmed that they are aware of the bug, and that subscribers aren’t actually being lost, with a tweet to Ethan Klein of H3h3productions:

UPDATE Thursday, Feb 9, 1:50pm ET: YouTube has confirmed that the glitch has been fixed, and subscriber counts across the board have returned to their normal values.

Check out the channels with the biggest drops in subscribers here.
Watch the live subscriber count of your favorite YouTube creators on the web here, and on Android here.

  • James Bett Jr

    Good to know

    • This bug does not affect real subscriptions, however, and channels aren’t losing any subscribers that didn’t explicitly click ‘unsubscribe’ – this glitch only affects the total subscriber count displayed.

  • Reid Pelton

    I have not lost any subscribers

    • Lucas Sebastião De Almeida Cas

      Because nobody hit the unsubscribe button.

    • Ibos

      Do you want me to help you out?

    • I had around 10k and now i had around 1k lol lmao

  • Ben Shader

    i have been losing subscribers for 3 years. been posting about it here and elsewhere. this is not an isolated incident.

    • Lucas Sebastião De Almeida Cas

      I’m sorry, but that has probably another reason.

    • Dirk

      Yeah….. it doesn’t affect your real subs. Just what is displayed. I’m afraid you just make bad content…

      • Ben Shader

        lol whatever.

  • YouSuckYT

    follow me on twitter lmao

    • teddyfrozevelt


  • Ya saw mine fall by about 50, which when your’e as small as me is huge- I thought my new Cars and Coffee video was awful or something, so glad I found this article, haha.

  • YT lol

    pewds alredy lost 2 milion lol

  • Jose

    I haven’t lost any subs but truthfully I say to expect the unexpected.

  • Killian George

    Is this affecting Tana’s channel or did she really loose 700,000 today?

    • Tomáš Navrátil

      it’s effecting everyone’s channel… she lost 10k max. today

    • ParallelRedux

      as of now social blade’s putting her at under 1mil. Sadly, this is just the bug.

  • mod glitcher

    everyone go to buzzfeed and mess with there sub count before glitch is patched

  • Ahmet Tuzun

    I lost all my 100 subs and gained it back

  • OMG, does that mean we’ll get our 92 subscribers back again?

    • My subs are back +3, the number on YT just hasn’t updated yet.

  • Chrissy

    I have 40 subscribers and i lost 1, so i’m assuming its the glitch. My fragile ego couldn’t handle any different reason.

  • uhh hoyen lamodernidadlosniños

    Me User Youtube is Medomal Gutierrez

  • Mina Irfan

    Definitely not fixed for us smaller channels. I am still losing in batches and not restored yet.

  • James Menkaure

    I’ve lost 2 million over all channel views from over 12 million to now over 10 million this is not good

    • Dirk

      It doesn’t affect actual subscribers. Just the displayed count. Either your content is getting stale, or YouTube has culled the fake views that you paid for.

  • Daily views are down by 70% since the “correction”, so bigger problem somewhere.

  • Trainer Edward

    i have 1k now 100 hhhhhhh

    • omg I’m noticing a significant drop in my numbers in the last 2 days too! I wonder if YT is glitching again?

  • F Game Killer

    My subscriber number is stuck for few months. What should i do

  • MVHD

    I too have been having problems with my channel for about 3 weeks now every time I hit the 740 mark I drop back down to 735 I go back up to 740 then I drop back down again next day and so on so on. It’s really frustrating especially when you’re a small channel.

    • F Game Killer

      This is exactly happening to me . what’s the solution?

      • MVHD

        Not entirely sure myself I know if we e-mail YouTube customer service then it will probably fall on deaf ears. I’m hoping other users have experienced the same problem that could elaborate more.

  • Rahim pourrahimi

    my be

  • lost 700 subsribers. hmphhh

  • Vishal Shastri

    i have lost 10k subscribers why in one night