TanaCon founder to pivot into content production, launches OTT platform

TanaCon founder to pivot into content production, launches OTT platform

Michael Weist, the 22-year-old infamous for the TanaCon disaster, is pivoting his company from live events to original content.

Good Times Entertainment, the company that previous tours and conventions were produced under, will cease to exist, and a new company called Good Times TV will take its place.

Good Times TV is planned to be a “full-service digital studio” touting an in-house production crew and a budget for creator projects to boot, in addition to agency services. Creator content will all live on a proprietary SVOD platform of the same name, promising “freshly created series and original films” for $7.99 a month. The platform is currently live, but with a very limited selection of content. Good Times TV is said to also be offering rights protection services, through a “partnership with a parent MCN.” Weist did not return a request for additional information.

The move comes just two months after TanaCon, the disastrous event planned by Weist and promoted by Tana Mongeau, that left thousands of attendees stranded in an Anaheim parking lot for hours. Weist says this move has nothing to do with TanaCon or the potentially exorbitant amount of debt the event caused Weist and Good Times Entertainment.

In a series of tweets Wednesday evening, Weist told fans that he was “still actively working with everyone involved with TanaCon to make things right.” In response to inquiries about ticket refunds, he pushed it off onto Mongeau. “If you still haven’t been issued a refund for your ticket by the ticketing company, Tana Mongeau will refund you from her own pocket,” he wrote.

It isn’t immediately clear how many fans, if any, have received refunds from TanaCon, or where the budget for this new production company is coming from.