YouTube to beef up HQ security, expand campus with 10,000 new jobs

YouTube to beef up HQ security, expand campus with 10,000 new jobs

YouTube is making moves in their San Bruno headquarters.

According to plans filed with the city of San Bruno, the company hopes to expand their campus by adding 2.3 million square feet of new office space in anticipation of adding 10,000 new jobs to the local area. While it’s possible the company will lease some of their new space out, and those leased spaces might include some of the 10,000 jobs, the vast majority is expected to be used by YouTube.

According to city documents, the company’s current office space takes up 1.6 million square feet; the expansion is expected to double the campus size. YouTube hosted a community meeting at the San Bruno Community Center to field public comment. Business Insider reports that “members of the public, most of whom appeared to be well into their 60s, seemed mostly concerned about the need for additional parking and traffic mitigation.”

This week, the company is turning a focus to office security, as well. David Woltering, the San Bruno community development director, told Business Insider that he’s had conversations with YouTube representatives “about various measures to better secure points of access to their facilities here in San Bruno.” Potential measures include “fencing, increased surveillance, and improved access controls.”

Concerns for security come after a shooter was able to enter the campus in April with a handgun and open fire on employees, leaving three wounded before killing herself. The shooter was allegedly upset about the company’s policies. Business Insider reports that many other employees have received harassment and death threats over the years. During this year’s VidCon event, YouTube’s official sponsorship activations included increased security – metal detectors entering YouTube check-in spaces, lounges, and their headlining OnStage show.