Social Blade adds statistics for live streaming platform Mixer

Social Blade announces the addition of Mixer statistics

Social Blade is excited to announce the addition of a new platform to our statistics lineup: Mixer, a gaming live stream platform owned by Microsoft.

Mixer takes the live experience one step further by offering viewers the ability to interact with the games being streamed using on-screen controls. The functionality is enabled by an ultra-low latency of less than one second. Users can earn points known as “Sparks” by watching streams and broadcasting themselves, which can then be spent on various interactive games around the site.

Starting today, you can view basic statistics on any Mixer streamer: followers, total views, user level, and sparks, as well as top charts for each. You can also view live follower counts for any streamer, allowing you to watch their audience growth in real time.

To find your channel, simply plug your username into our search box. If we’re not already tracking your channel, we’ll start from the first time you search for it.

We’re excited to roll out additional Mixer statistics in the coming days and weeks. Check out some of the top Mixer streamers, and let us know if you notice any bugs!