YouTube’s silver and gold play buttons are getting a new look

Those highly-coveted silver and gold play button awards that YouTube hands out to top creators? They’re getting a bit of a makeover.

The original design – heavy metal buttons surrounded by a pane of glass – was initially released at VidCon 2012 with a live on-stage unveiling.

Now, the platform will reward its top influencers with a cleaner-looking plaque-like award, featuring a totally flat design with embossed channel names. The new awards are reported to be made of a higher quality material, and the nature of the design makes them far less susceptible to damage. YouTube announced the update with a video, featuring clips of top creators unboxing and sharing their excitement about the old awards.

The award for reaching 10 million subscribers will remain unchanged: the weighty diamond play button that was unveiled more recently at VidCon 2015.

A select few creators have already received the redesigned awards, and the YouTube Creators team took to Twitter to share their excitement.

The new awards will be sent out to channels that reach their milestones after March 29. Channels that previously hit the milestones and received the old version will not be eligible for one of the new plaques.