inks new partnership with Apple Music announces partnership with Apple Music

The lip-sync video app has been a smash hit among teens and tweens, skyrocketing to success in less than three years. Now, the company is teaming up with one of the biggest players in audio streaming – Apple Music.

The newly-announced partnership will enable Apple Music subscribers to stream full songs within the app and to save their favorite songs as part of playlists within the app. Apple Music subscribers will also be able to create lip-sync videos to 15-second clips of any song available within the Apple Music catalog.

Apple will benefit from exposure to a much younger audience than they usually reach, likely driving a multitude of new subscribers.

“Right now, the average time our users spend on the app is over 35 minutes per day, so they’re already in an environment that they really enjoy,” said Alex Hofmann,’s president, in an interview with Billboard. “So they can spend more time within the app to listen to music, but then they can also go to Apple Music later and listen to the entire album.”

Last year, received $100 million in funding, putting the company’s valuation at $500 million. The app reports more than 200 million users, and some 3.6 billion pieces of UGC created.

The app has been a pop culture tastemaker, propelling the music careers of several of the app’s top users. Jacob Sartorius, the app’s biggest success story, has landed two songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 over the past year.

“We had done a survey of thousands of people in the United States and asked them, ‘What is the No. 1 platform where you discover music?'” Hofmann said. “They go to And partnering with Apple Music really allows us to create the best place to discover music through your friends.”