How Social Blade Tracks Channels

Social Blade tracks nearly 3 million YouTube channels and 500k Twitch channels. Which channels are tracked is based partly on popularity, and partly on if they’ve been searched for on Social Blade.

Channels Social Blade Tracks

For instance, we automatically track the top channels on YouTube and Twitch, because we know they are active and that people care about them. As soon as someone searches for a channel name on, we begin tracking that channel as well. Unfortunately, we cannot pull past data for that new channel. We can only provide data from the moment Social Blade begins tracking the channel going forward.

Social Blade Graphs

Let’s say that John and Fred both started YouTube channels at the same time two years ago in 2012. John knew about Social Blade and began tracking his channel immediately. Today, when John scrolls to the bottom of his stats page on Social Blade, he has graphs that show his Views and Subs for the past two years.

He can even zoom in on parts of the graph by clicking and highlighting a portion of it.

Starting to Track Your Stats on Social Blade

Fred though, has just learned about Social Blade from John. He likes the idea of being able to track his views and subs over long periods of time, and so he searches for his channel name. But instead of a stats page, he gets this:

He has no data in the table, and no graphs. That’s because Social Blade has just started tracking Fred. If he checks back tomorrow, his table will have the information from today. A month from now, he will have more data. But we cannot pull data for him from before the time we started tracking him.

Now that we’re tracking Fred though, we will continue to track him. A year from now, he can check Social Blade and have all the data for the past year, including graphs and tables.

From the time Fred is added, it will take 3 or 4 days for him to see his first graphs. For monthly graphs, he’ll have to wait at least two months, since we need at least the averages for two months to be able to create a graph.

How it Affects You

So if you’re like Fred, and you just recently began tracking your channel on Social Blade, not all the features may be available right away. Be patient though, they will appear when enough data is collected.

Once you have that monthly data coming in, you can use it to see trends over seasons. For instance, channels that review toys and games will probably see a spike in November and the beginning of December as people are looking for gifts, but then a decline after the holidays. Many channels whose main viewers are in school see larger numbers in summer as well, since school is out of session.

You can then use the data to plan videos around the trends, putting up more videos in busier times, and doing something more attention grabbing in slower times. Of course, the best part of the long-term graphs is seeing that upward slope, meaning your channel is growing!