Social Blade Plays Twitch – All Games – All The Time!

At Social Blade, we’re all about the numbers and trends and we’ve realized that Gamers don’t want to have to chose, they want everything! We’ve also seen the success of streams such as Twitch Plays Pokemon over the past year so we’ve decided to take these two things and put them together.

lotsofgamesStarting in April we’re going to be implementing Social Blade Plays Twitch… All of it! We’re going to keep an eye on what games you guys want to watch and we’re going to play it! Everything from League of Legends to Dustforce and everything in between you’ll see Social Blade. And I don’t mean we’ll pick one game to play at once, we’re going to be streaming every game, all the time. Yeah!! No longer will we just report the stats, we’re going to BE the stats.

We hope you enjoy this direction and see you on Twitch this April 1st! 😉

Oh whats this link do?