YouTube Live Streaming Overhaul Begins Rollout

YouTube Gaming Live Stream Overhaul

Last month, YouTube announced huge plans for their latest project: a new website and mobile app experience specifically for gaming content, appropriately dubbed YouTube Gaming.

As part of these updates, they also promised a huge overhaul of the infamously clunky YouTube Live platform.

Today, it seems as though they’re starting to roll out new streaming tools to a select number of creators. Take a look.

YouTube Gaming's New Live Platform

The update means that streamers will be able to go live without having to create specific events in advance, much like Twitch has been allowing for quite some time now. Starting the stream from your encoder will start the stream on YouTube.

Each broadcaster also gets a static stream key, removing the hassle of having to get new keys for each individual stream.

Those broadcasting on the platform also have the ability to select a new ‘low latency’ option, which aims to produce a more real-time experience to improve interaction between the streamer and the viewers.

YouTube Gaming Low Latency Option

This is just one of the many updates teased for YouTube Gaming, and we’ll have to stay tuned to see the rest of what YouTube has in store for us.