Vine is becoming a camera app that posts natively to Twitter


Vine announces its transition into a new app, Vine Camera

Two months ago, the online video industry was shaken up by the news that Vine was being killed off.

In the days that followed, speculation ensued about the future of the app. Viners petitioned to keep the app alive, rumors surfaced about the app being sold off to the highest bidder, and a leading adult entertainment company even made an offer.

Today, Vine sheds a bit more light on the next steps for their app in a blog post.

In January, the app will receive an update and a name change: to Vine Camera. All of the social features of Vine will be removed – profiles, posts, comments, feeds – with the only remaining aspect of Vine being the camera.

The updated app will allow users to make six-second looping videos that can either be posted directly to Twitter or saved to your phone.

Retaining followers

Vine doesn’t want its biggest creators to lose their huge followings, though; it plans to roll out notifications encouraging fans to follow their favorite Viners on Twitter.

“In the coming days we’re also rolling out a way to make it easy for your Vine followers to follow you on Twitter — stay tuned for a ‘Follow on Twitter’ notification soon,” the Vine team wrote.

Backups now available

Vine’s blog post also mentions that Vines are now available for download through the mobile app and website, and that Vine posts will continue to be immortalized on into the foreseeable future.

The app’s changes make sense; Twitter has been pushing for more native video content, and is starting to roll out monetization for an increasing number of independent publishers through its Twitter Amplify program. While Twitter doesn’t need Vine anymore, the app still has users, and killing it altogether would have been a waste.

For more information about Vine’s transition into Vine Camera, see their FAQ.