No, Google’s Hangouts on Air aren’t going away – here’s how to continue using them

Google+ Hangouts on Air

Recent articles sparked fear that YouTube’s easy-to-use Hangouts on Air feature was going away. We’re here to reassure you: that’s not true.

Hangouts on Air are an easy way for users to create ad-hoc live streams on YouTube without any technical expertise required.

A year ago, Google announced that they would be phasing out their often-invasive Google+ integration across all of their products. The news about Hangouts is simply a continuation of that process. Google isn’t removing Hangouts on Air, they’re just removing it from Google+.

The change is set to take place on September 12 – after which, you’ll need to create a YouTube Live Event from within your account before you can begin streaming.

Here’s how to continue live streaming using Hangouts on Air:
  1. Head to your YouTube Live Events page (or Creator Studio -> Live Streaming -> Events).
  2. Click the New live event button in the upper-right.
  3. Under Type, click Quick (using Google Hangouts on Air).
  4. Add a title, description, keywords, and change any other settings you want (monetization, commenting, etc).
  5. Your event’s start date will be set to Now. If you want to go live now, click Go live now. Otherwise, change the date to approximately when you want to stream in the future.