merges live streaming app into primary app merges live streaming app into primary app

Just two years after its initial launch, is killing off its standalone live streaming app

Effectively immediately, the live streaming app is defunct. In the coming weeks, the app’s core features will be merged into the primary app, and the standalone app will be pulled from the app store. is now defunct

“Live-streaming from is moving to — our goal is to make it easy to enjoy your favorite short videos and your favorite live content, all in one place,” a spokesperson for the company said.

The app merge is likely due to declining viewership, hoping that consolidation might help to boost numbers. Mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower reports that had 26 million installs to date – about 70% of those downloads being from users in the United States. The firm also reports that Q1 2018 downloads of the app were down 41 percent year-over-year from Q1 2017, according to data obtained by Variety.

The live streaming space is competitive, and many of that apps that pop up on the market only experience momentary lifespans. YouNow has developed a second live streaming app, called Rize, and appears to have directed all of their resources away from their original platform. continues to battle for their share of the market, and a new player called Uplive recently entered the market and appears to be courting the loyalty of smaller creators.

Still, appears committed to fostering community and building a platform filled with original content. The company pledged $50 million last December to aid creators in content production, establish development deals, and send some of the app’s homegrown talent to college.

Live streaming features on will be rolled out incrementally to all users in the coming weeks.