Fostering the Community Around Your Channel

If you didn’t catch it this morning, check out this week’s YouTube Tip of the Week featuring Tim Schmoyer. It’s all about fostering the community around your YouTube channel, which is an important part about growing your channel. Tim’s advice was to ask yourself four questions.

1. Why do I do what I do?

2. What do I believe that is motivating what I’m doing?

3. How then do I integrate that belief into my video content?

4. How can I facilitate interaction between myself and the community around myself and this belief?

Tim’s point was that the strongest communities revolve around common beliefs, and that shared beliefs can be stronger than content. If you know what you believe and put that into your content, you can attract like-minded people who will stick with you and be part of your community. You also have to be aware that since it is your channel, you are the leader of the community, and should be starting a conversation with your community. Your goal isn’t just to communicate with people in your community, but to get them to interact with each other. Once you can get that to happen, you are on the way to having a community around your channel that will help you to grow your channel and your brand.