Amazon Buys Twitch: Cuts Google Out!

The rumors about YouTube/Google buying Twitch for $1 billion have been flying around for months now. With neither company officially saying anything, it was a little up in the air about whether it would ever happen. Now, it won’t.

Amazon Buys Twitch

Amazon Buys Twitch for $1 Billion

According to an article The Information though, now Amazon has swept in and made the same offer. Suggesting that an official announcement will come very soon, this really changes things.

[UPDATE] Twitch has officially announced the acquisition! Read about it HERE!

Reaction to the Rumored Google Acquisition of Twitch

Gamers have been upset about the YouTube acquisition of Twitch, concerned that it would result in stricter copyright policies that had made them move from YouTube to Twitch in the first place. If Amazon buys Twitch though, what happens is anyone’s guess.

Amazon vs. Google… Who Will Win?

It would certainly solidify Amazon’s move into the online user video arena, and place them in a position to start competing with Google.

Let’s just hope that in the war between the two Internet Giants, us little guys don’t all get trampled.

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