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    Send me stuff here! PO BOX 232355 Las Vegas, NV 89105 Film / Television / Personal Appearances / Media Contact Business Inquiries Only: Email: [email protected] My 2nd Channel: http://www.youtube.com/HigaTV Also check out my Twitter:…

    319 Uploads   20,079,700 Subscribers   3,480,152,258 Video Views  

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    My main channel: https://www.youtube.com/ryanhiga

    320 Uploads   4,898,401 Subscribers   669,207,720 Video Views  

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    NigaHiga Video Archive


    Note: I am not nigahiga or trying to be him. I have his old videos up simply because they got removed long ago.

    51 Uploads   13,644 Subscribers   9,937,680 Video Views  

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    Rose are red. Violets are blue My name is Dereleek (dare-leak) & SUBSCRIBING is fun too :) DERELEEK...my bawlz SUBSCRIBE :) Follow ME: Twitter http://www.twitter.com/dereleektv Instagram http://www.instagram.com/dereleektv FB Page:…

    102 Uploads   88,612 Subscribers   4,955,178 Video Views  

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    Nigahiga VEVO


    9 Uploads   429 Subscribers   14,598 Video Views  

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    Not handsome. Not funny. Not rich. Not joking. Will Pacarro was born son of a flying purple ice dragon, while wielding a shining golden butter knife. He would train for eighteen years straight under the literal wing of Drake the dragon tamer/rapper,…

    103 Uploads   159,912 Subscribers   14,023,076 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UCdNf2HltzEJnRO9D8QfJs4A

    Ryan Higa - Topic


    Ryan Higa, also known by his YouTube username nigahiga, is an American comedian, YouTube personality, and actor. He is known for his comedy videos on YouTube, which have been viewed over 3 billion times. Higa's YouTube channel, nigahiga, was the most…

    5 Uploads   19,276 Subscribers   16,074 Video Views  

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    I'm not too sure yet what I want to do.. But I do know I just want to do a whole bunch of cool stuff.

    37 Uploads   22,395 Subscribers   1,318,264 Video Views  

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    I Upload Videos w/ Nigahiga In Them. Most will not be his videos but if he's in it, it'll be on here so you wouldn't have to go to so many channels. In case if you were wondering if Ryan is in the video for more than 5 seconds then i will upload it.…

    301 Uploads   19,544 Subscribers   2,360,879 Video Views  

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    I'm an actor. I make music. I love to create. I love adventures. I LOVE FOOD. I'll be posting a new video every Tuesday & Friday so make sure to SUBSCRIBE! xoxo Email my booking manager to book me for a live shows or collaborations:…

    240 Uploads   510,912 Subscribers   36,870,098 Video Views  

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    Hello everyone! My name is Slopsmcgee. I have a mustache. I also have a friend named Greg. He's cool. We love to make videos. Hope you love to watch them :) Bye!

    6 Uploads   20,990 Subscribers   564,848 Video Views  

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    NigaHiga'sFan Uploader


    Soory Guys left this channel but no worries made and another channel for more fun make sure to check out New channel will be Below this :)

    5 Uploads   46 Subscribers   16,451 Video Views  

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    Hey this is Sean Fujiyoshi from the videos with Ryan Higa. How some of you found my profile, but oh well. I havent posted much videos lately but i will try to use my account now.

    2 Uploads   2,819 Subscribers   82,716 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UCSHAiurrBke-Kfs8lMPv6CQ



    Sup Tho!, I am Koollee I like to think of myself as a full blown entertainers. I do reviews, reactions, skits, pranks, I even host our own Talent Show and so much more. I hope you enjoy what you see and join the AYE KOOLLEE FAMILY. Subscribe to me on…

    1,596 Uploads   144,942 Subscribers   39,842,712 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UCMiKkcTIdIcr2Arj83HpEIA

    The Fu


    We're Jacob & Josh. People call us The Fu. Welcome to our channel, TheFuMusic, where you will find original and cover songs paired with creative videos, such as stop motion and more! Come find a new video every Thursday! We love making videos,…

    417 Uploads   104,617 Subscribers   8,292,807 Video Views  

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