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    INGRID Nursery Rhymes is a place were kids can learn and have fun all at the same time! Please SUBSCRIBE and come back to see new uploads every week!

    236 Uploads   1,701,544 Subscribers   481,599,845 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UCKVXtVmnVNcgttb6Bz66H-w



    Hi, I am Ingrid! I have two brothers: Mateo and Patrick...so we are a family of 5 but with you guys we wanna become a BIG GIANT Family!I love Play Dough, Orbeez, Giant Surprise Eggs, DisneyFrozen, DisneyPrincess, GlitterGlider dolls, MagiClip dolls,…

    536 Uploads   1,313,718 Subscribers   596,607,455 Video Views  

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    Laura B. Redick


    96 Uploads   11 Subscribers   4,776 Video Views  

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    JODAJA Tube


    Hi girls, This is my channel. I do all sorts of tutorials and I do appreciate my subscribers! I hope you loved at least one video enough to check this page and so now please, don't forget to subscribe also! My goal is to help many girls with this…

    155 Uploads   29,514 Subscribers   5,912,484 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UCyyfBB7m7Y_eb-qX5hxrMzA

    nail and more


    226 Uploads   16 Subscribers   1,828 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UCqkxJYaYCIjzy2e04N3AB-g



    111 Uploads   71 Subscribers   11,586 Video Views  

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