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    Search Results for 'bigcatrescue'

    15 YouTube search results found

    Avatar for UCcftblae5aEnraa34d1FPQg

    Big Cat Rescue


    BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day to day operations, the conservation efforts we support, and the 60+ feline residents of "Big Cat Rescue" in Tampa, FL. USA Big Cat Rescue is an non-breeding sanctuary dedicated to ending the abuse of cub…

    921 Uploads   793,044 Subscribers   359,294,558 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UC4CFvFvwy8gR1V9kv4yjHkw



    Big Cat Rescue is a non profit educational sanctuary home to 70+ unwanted, abandoned and abused exotic big cats. We are ending the trade in big cats as pets, props and for their parts. For full length videos please visit our main channel:…

    2,245 Uploads   28,888 Subscribers   8,777,229 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UCQC6pygHKkg8BfX-5neLAtg

    Big Cat Rescue - Topic


    Big Cat Rescue is an animal sanctuary near Tampa, Florida, United States, devoted to rescuing and housing exotic cats, rehabilitating injured or orphaned native wild cats, and ending the private trade and ownership of exotic cats via educational…

    0 Uploads   154 Subscribers   0 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UC10bxQVVz1dJSIUC-f5hJdA



    Hi, my name is Derek Krahn and I'm the Operations Director for the Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE), a non-profit big cat sanctuary in Texas. That's where I got the idea for the name, 'BigCatDerek'. As you can probably already tell,…

    1,116 Uploads   105,840 Subscribers   23,316,765 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UCOJVeegtpRw_rYYARGejJqQ



    BCR Watch is a watchdog dedicated to exposing the lies, fraud, and controversy surrounding Big Cat Rescue. We may expand onto more topics in the future as we grow.

    28 Uploads   98 Subscribers   19,546 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UCcL9Kh2590C0D74alew8AJQ

    Big Cat Devin


    I’m a coordinator and Master Keeper at Big Cat Rescue. Follow along and let’s go see the cats! Instagram: BigCatDevin Twitter: BigCatDevin

    118 Uploads   2,867 Subscribers   490,567 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UC3t-zlglVetLiTtffc3aIbQ

    CARE Rescue Texas


    The Center for Animal Research and Education's mission is to provide for a safe, permanent and loving home to exotic animals in need. CARE focuses on excellence in physical and emotional care, advocating animal welfare through education, and…

    58 Uploads   4,328 Subscribers   304,225 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UC1juv_Bg7sbvx8t9-rOl9IQ

    Wild Hunt


    24 Uploads   1,013 Subscribers   328,399 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UCvCsjKptd1gM9BhfDkGQGNg

    Ruxandra Nicolae


    I am a volunteer CamOp for Explore.org the world's leading philanthropic live nature cam network and documentary film channel. You can see on my channel some of the big cats from Big Cat Rescue, one of the world’s largest accredited sanctuaries for…

    2,362 Uploads   173 Subscribers   102,988 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UCg-C28_LoanJ_6PGO3qc-4w

    Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary


    Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non profit big cat rescue facility, licensed by USDA. We provide permanent lifelong care for abused, neglected, and unwanted big cats. We help give animals a voice by advocating for conservation of the species…

    41 Uploads   35 Subscribers   4,040 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UCx1uGi59r4r9xA6ZTiUu65Q

    Matthew Barberio


    All of the videos I post will be recorded from the explore.org/bigcatrescue cameras and the other cameras listed at bigcatrescue.org/cams. All photos that appear are from Big Cat Rescue. Unless, otherwise stated, BCR gets full credit for everything…

    227 Uploads   101 Subscribers   12,800 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UCc03s0nrXFG7DaDEZPXDcWg



    The official video home for the Emperor of the Universe, John Morgan Curtis.

    14 Uploads   128 Subscribers   84,274 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UC8uOm05uCbrzG3hfNxkkO1w

    360 Big Cats


    56 Uploads   13 Subscribers   1,090 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UC6VzUf8LyXxOz2ZkQP8_uhw

    Cat Man Chris


    Hi, my name's Chris Poole and I'm a crazy cat guy! (and proud of it) … I'm also owned by internet kitties Cole & Marmalade. This channel will be full of clips of the dynamic duo, along with so much more, like vlogs, cat rescue, BIG cat videos,…

    79 Uploads   257,257 Subscribers   47,218,252 Video Views  

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    Avatar for UCEOEjyTpJCIEvGcQgSVL-8w

    Big Cat TV


    Videos from Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida - These are non-monetized fan made videos. If you like them, please visit bigcatrescue.org and donate!

    24 Uploads   26 Subscribers   1,244 Video Views  

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