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    New Welcome to the Grand Opening!

    Social Blade Business API

    Our API allows you to take the power of the Social Blade website and intergrate it directly into your internal systems.

    You gain access to the same public statistical information that is on the website along with our top lists, rankings, and more as we keep expanding its features!

    Get Started
    cool tech image

    Get Started in Minutes

    Once signed up, head over to our quick start section and dive in with our examples and libraries!

    Premium Benefits

    Premium members with Social Blade get bonus credits every month!

    Flexible Pricing

    Whether you're a small start up or a business enterprise, we have the plan for you!

    Public Statistical Data

    We only offer public statistical data. We do not sell private or personal data of any kind.

    Support for many platforms

    Test it out

    Access our (REST) API with a multitude of different programming languages. We also provide the necessary documentation to get you started!

    Gain access to our historical & statistical data on all our public profiles.

    Sign up and Explore
    View Raw

    History is important

    Get up to 3 years of Historical statistics on creators.

    Supported Platforms

    You'll gain access to new platforms as we add them to our website. We will continue to evolve and expand this API!

    User Top Charts

    Get top charts of each supported platform, with multiple ranking options!


    All our public statistical data at your fingertips, with our easy to follow API!

    Pricing & Access

    From small start ups to enterprise plans, the Social Blade Business API provides a convenient bridge to access our data.

    Select from various different packages. Discounts apply to volume purchases.

    Get Started