YouTube IRL

It’s a sad fact of life that there are people out there who judge surface asked on their image without ever really giving them a chance. Earlier today, Urgo posted about telling people you YouTube IRL. Unfortunately, it seems like for many of you out there, you have experienced feeling made fun of because of being a YouTuber, And are concerned about losing friends. As Urgo pointed out, a real friend isn’t going to stop being a friend because of YouTube.

As logical as that may be, it really doesn’t help when you do want to start telling people about being a YouTuber, so we’ve put together some tips. Like anything that has to do with relationships, this will vary from situation to situation, but we hope that these tips will work for most of you, or give you some ideas on how to come out of the YouTube closet.

1. Know yourself: If you are confident about what you do, and you know that it’s important to you, people sense that. Be sure about what you do, and that you like it, and it will come across.

2. Show them: If your friends are unsure of what being a YouTuber is all about, ask them if you can show them. Besides your channel, show them some of your favorites, or take them to and show them the great opportunity YouTube offers to make some extra cash.

3. Involve them: It’s amazing how quickly people come around when they are wanted and needed. A great way to let a friend know about your YouTube channel, or to get them to come around, is to ask them for help making a video. Not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera though, so have a backup plan to have them help with something behind-the-scenes.

4. Agree to disagree: Not everyone will get what being a YouTuber is about, and some people who do get it won’t care for it. Urgo used the example of people who like sports vs. people who don’t. I’m sure you all also have friends who like different bands or TV shows as well, or have hobbies you don’t enjoy. You don’t (hopefully!) refuse to be friends with someone because they like romantic comedies and you like action films; you just find something to do besides go to the movies.

Youtube community

No one should have to be ashamed of what they love doing, and we hope that none of you have to deal with the RL trolls that judge you for being a YouTuber. If you do, know that there is an entire community here to support you, and many others who understand and are going through the same thing. Besides connecting over the internet, you can also look for a YouTube meetup in your area. These meetups are happening more and more, and if there isn’t one happening in your area in the near future, maybe you should consider organizing one. Of course, take safety precautions when meeting people from the internet IRL.

Please continue the discussion below in the comments! We would love to hear any other tips or examples of how to tell people about being a YouTuber!