YouTube View Distribution April – May 2012

Have you ever wonder how the views on YouTube were distributed? Well wonder no more.  Below you will see a graph of over 250,000 channels that are tracked by SocialBlade YouTube Stats where horizontally on the X axis you have total number of views, and vertically on the Y axis you have how many views they received in the past 30 days as of May 10th 2012.  From the graph you can see the higher you go up the more popular channels are currently, and the further the the left you go you can see how how quickly their popularity has sprung up (since they may have gotten a large amount of views in the past 30 days but they haven’t added up yet long term).

For example you’ll see that TheEllenShow has exploded recently while machinima continues to chug along steadily.  Lastly you can see how universalmusicgroup has badly abandoned their channel and failblog, well, failed to keeps its audience.

This graph has also confirmed something I have long suspected, the vast majority of channels are clumped towards the bottom left, but it is interesting to see there at least is some distribution down there as well.

YouTube View Distribution April - May 2012