YouTube now supports vertical video on desktop web player

YouTube now supports vertical video on desktop players

YouTube will now display vertical videos on desktop devices without black bars, the company quietly announced on Friday.

Desktop devices are just the latest to receive vertical-friendly support; iOS and Android users already received updates allowing the expansion and ease-of-viewing for vertical videos.

Videos in other aspect ratios, like the old-school 4:3 format, will also display in a much more attractive way on the website. Videos are adjusted in accordance with your computer’s screen and browser window size.

Users aren’t entirely happy with the update, however. Complaints on the YouTube Help Forum talk largely about issues with the video player being too big without options for adjustment. Others are experiencing issues with resolution and parts of the video frame being cut off.

High-quality phone cameras and mobile-first apps like Snapchat have contributed to the rising popularity of the vertical format, and it only makes sense that YouTube adapt to support this growing trend – especially with platforms like IGTV only accepting vertical content.