YouTube to retire Video Editor and slideshow features, citing low usage

YouTube's Video Editor tool is being retired

YouTube is removing two rarely-used features from its website: the Video Editor and photo slideshow tools.

“We’ve seen limited usage of these features, so we’re retiring them to focus our efforts on building new tools and improving on other existing features,” wrote a YouTube community manager on the official Help Forums.

YouTube’s Enhancements feature – which allows you to stabilize, color correct, trim parts of your video, and perform other adjustments to already-live videos – is not going anywhere.

A handful of Chromebook users took to the YouTube Help Forum post to express their discontent with the impending update, mentioning that the Video Editor was the best way to edit videos on Chrome OS. “That’s terrible. That was the only option for editing video on a Chromebook. It was actually a very useful tool,” wrote commenter James Welbes.

If you’re a die-hard user of the YouTube Video Editor, you have two months to adjust your workflow before the tools disappear on September 20.

  • Peter Steele

    makes sense, i never use it…. its cumbersome and annoying

    • Lakawak

      Well..if you never use it, it makes sense. You represent the general population.

  • TheFunnyguy9000 For Hangouts

    Well that sucks!

  • Figures. Windows Movie Maker is a better option lol

    • Yoshi’s Gaming Channel

      But Windows Movie Maker got Discontinued.

  • D.J. Count VamPony

    Grrrrreat just what i dont need i no longer have windows movie maker thanks to M$ removing it & I did slideshows & kool video edits sometimes. I guess the watermark will be next .

    • Lakawak

      Oooh! You are so EDGY! You spelled MS with a DOLLAR [email protected] Because those BASTARDS! They are a business that tries to maximize profits! How DARE they act like EVERY SINGLE OTHER BUSINESS THAT HAS EVER EXISTED.

      Let me ask you still greet people with “Wasssupp?” Because that was popular about the last time anyone thought that M$ was clever too.

  • jerrell chavis

    boycott anyone?

  • Mat Reynolds

    Let’s be honest, if you’re a serious editor, you won’t be using a Chromebook

    • Lakawak

      Who said YouTube was only for “serious editors”?

      • Ben Abelly

        No one.

        • Lakawak

          That’s my point…the OP is acting like that IS all it is about, so no one on YouTube would ever need this online editor.