YouTube releases updated Creator Studio app, dubbed ‘YouTube Studio’

YouTube releases revamped YouTube Studio app

Earlier this year at VidCon, YouTube announced a revamp coming to the Creator Studio app, the platform’s mobile hub that allows creators to manage their channels.

The updated app is now here, under a new name: YouTube Studio.

The refreshed app includes the ability to schedule posts and upload custom thumbnails, two features previously only available on desktop.

YouTube Studio allows scheduling uploads from mobile

YouTube Studio also includes actionable insights, a feature that provides easy-to-use recommendations based on your channel’s analytics. “Did one of your videos experience a sudden spike in views while you were out? With our on-the-go insights, you’ll receive a personalized message when a significant event happens on your channel and tips on how to make the most of what’s happening on your channel,” the company wrote in a blog post.

The app is available now on both the App Store and Google Play.

  • Emmanuel Hall

    can yall go to my channel on youtube and watch my video
    Logan paul (the thingging)

    • Cultural Cooking2

      No we can’t


  • Tom Wilcox

    I use this app on my phone, it’s great! It’s nice being able to check out the Real-time views data without needing to wake up the computer lol and having a not so recent video pick up extra steam was not so hard to find out on my own, if the filter is set for “last 48 hours”, although, if you don’t catch it within the 2 day window it could easily be missed, which is why receiving the personalized notification was really nice too.

    A tip for the random people who come here: Asking 1 or 2 people to watch a video, or even subscribing does absolutely nothing at all. This is why I don’t even bother mentioning my channel. What DOES help you is scoring a higher ranking with relative search terms. That and being current with whatever is trending. You can also use real money and promote certain video’s using legitimate platforms such as Google AdWords for Video for example. I have personally invested at least $3500 (lifetime) into certain videos, this keeps me afloat even during my inactive moments where I am unable to upload. (I have not ran a promotion in over 2 years, just so you know, and the channel still performs enough to meet the payment threshold, if barely) To sum it up, it’s not a cake-walk, success is nearly impossible even WITH great content, even helpful content may struggle. There is no easy way. If you are CERTAIN your content is KING, then invest in it. there are many MANY more factors and variables involved too, that and every channel is a unique, living/breathing “thing”, so you can’t even compare them like you would a basket of apples. Just trying to help, I see self promotion often, everywhere. You are only one person, even if you found 100 unique individuals a day to try out your content, 100 a day is all you will amount to. You need 10’s of thousands of views daily to amount to anything meaningful. I know this because I tried the same thing.

  • Rihards Bereza

    Best part of the app is the search terms. Helps me see what my viwer ar looking for! :)_

  • Austin Newell

    I gotta say Im pretty happy with it so far.