YouTube prankster Adam Saleh kicked off Delta flight for disrupting cabin

YouTube prank star Adam Saleh and his friend Slim Albaher are making headlines after they were kicked off a Delta flight yesterday.

According to Saleh, he was simply talking to his mother on the phone in Arabic. “Guys, we spoke a different language on the plane, and now we’re getting kicked out,” he says, in a video of the incident posted to his Twitter. “I cannot believe my eyes. I spoke a different language and you feel uncomfortable?”

Delta says he wasn’t kicked out for speaking on the phone, but rather for disrupting the cabin. “Based on the information collected to date, it appears the customers who were removed sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior, including shouting,” the statement said.

“He stood up and started shouting with his fist in the air, shouting something that sounded remotely Arabic – for no reason, sat down, a few minutes past, and then he was up again,” one passenger reported, saying Saleh continued with this behavior three times.

A history of fake pranks

Saleh has a long history of race-involved “pranking.” A video he made in late 2014 showed a police officer harassing him and a friend for wearing traditional Arabic clothing. The video was later proven fake, and the police officer proven to be a paid actor.

In 2013, Saleh sympathized with Jahar Tsarnaev, the man who planted bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Adam Saleh's now-deleted tweet about the man responsible for the Boston Marathon attacks
Screenshot via Phillip DeFranco; the original tweet was deleted shortly after DeFranco surfaced it yesterday.

Saleh has a history of perpetuating 9/11 conspiracy theories too, with a multitude of tweets on the topic dating up to 2015.

Adam Saleh's tweets about the September 11th attacks

This isn’t Saleh’s first encounter with airline-related pranks, either. Just last week, he posted a video entitled “I smuggled myself on a plane to another city and it worked!! (in a suitcase)“. The video was quickly debunked by the airline, Tiger Air. “Had you been in the baggage hold, by the time you arrived in Sydney, you would have been a popsicle,” an airline spokesperson said. 

The story changes

After the media began to report on Saleh’s history of fake pranks and delirium, their story shifted. A video was posted to Saleh’s channel with the updated narrative.

“This whole problem was me getting kicked off, and Adam was just there with me,” Albaher said. “This is my cause.”

His fellow YouTubers have spoken out; some in support, others in distrust.

Fake pranksters typically create their over-the-top videos with hope of them going viral and garnering media attention, much like this story has. Since the incident occurred, Saleh has gained nearly 100,000 Twitter followers & over 80,000 YouTube subscribers.

  • Amanda

    As per usual these days, behavior like this just continues to be ENCOURAGED. Even today, there has been zero follow up, follow through, accountability OR consequence. His stunt & ALL the trails of damage it has caused to others, to employees, to businesses (not to mention the TON of hate, threats & people boycotting Delta as a result. Only interested in & seeing the initial claims, who will never know the actual TRUTH of the matter!) done selfishly! The lies again & again, straight-up false claims, making up racially motivated hate, bias, calling people racist… Strangers, Delta employees.. Causing a scene & disturbance solely for his own financial gain & the attention!?! Ridiculous! Yet ALL that attention, media, news… the, what? 10… 11… videos he & his co-liar spread all over the place regarding this situation (mere days after his SUITCASE claims on another airline?!) got “SHARED” everywhere.. got everyone up in arms… attention, more attention… more views, more subscribers… more $$$$$… CHA-CHING! To him… winner winner chicken dinner?! If that behavior is promoted… the limits, boundaries, rules don’t matter & aren’t enforced… If, after all that.. there is ZERO liability on his part & he is allowed to gain & keep ALL that $$$$, all those subs/views & social engagement, psssh…. It’s only going to get worse imho! More & more see NO risk, see NOTHING wrong w/ that & will do the same. Rather than hesitating long enough to check their moral compass OR to even know based on example, what is right/wrong, acceptable or not… & thinking, “OMG… how could they…. why would they???”….. It’ll just be, “hell…. why WOULDN’T they”!????”…… I mean, there’s NOTHING to fear, NOTHING at risk here & not a damn thing to lose (for them) ……… apparently. That, is the saddest & most unfortunate part of all; worse than even the action itself imho! When people do wrong, WHY aren’t they held accountable to some standard? Made to have consequences for their horrific choices & damaging actions??? Imho, someone… truly needs to answer that question! (Def. on YouTube, but everywhere——-that applies to more than just him, btw!) ~ Live long(ER) & vape on! #ABillionLivesFilm