YouTube's On the Rise initiative

Perhaps in response to the growing complaints about recommendations and alleged algorithm changes, YouTube has launched a new initiative dubbed “On the Rise.”

On the Rise will highlight two different creators (Creators on the Rise) and two different musicians (Artists on the Rise) each day by giving them a dedicated spot within the Trending Tab on YouTube’s homepage. Any creator with at least 1,000 subscribers is eligible to be featured.

YouTube's new On the Rise initiative

YouTube says that more than 1,000 creators are crossing the 1,000 subscriber threshold every day. “We want to celebrate these up-and-coming creators and artists and help them build a bigger audience,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Selections are made using a combination of hand-picked curation and key metrics like view counts, watch time, and subscriber growth. It does not appear that users can submit their own channels for On the Rise consideration at this time.

The new program is a much-improved version of YouTube’s old On the Rise program, which began in 2010 and ran until early 2014. In its old form, YouTube would post a handful of nominees each month, and fans would vote for their favorite channel to be featured on the YouTube Spotlight hub.

On the Rise has been rolled out in the United States, with hopes of expanding it to other territories down the road.

  • matthew moulton

    Hope my channel SlowPokeSlots can Make it to 1,000 subs soon, only 280 subs away, this is a great Idea just think it should be channels with 500-1000 subs those are the channels that need the help, 1000 or more subs your already on your way to a great channel.

  • Jason Mounce

    I’d wish the same, Matthew 😛 Just surpassed 3000 myself, if only ‘new and trending’ small youtubers could be given some attention. xD

  • Robert Petry

    Big deal they screw hundreds of thousands of creators and give two a day a chance to get a few hundred subs. Facebook will soon pay 55 percent of ad revenue to creators. Hey youtube you opened the door will they kill the goose that layed the golden egg? Guys the dream of making it on youtube is over they only want corporate creators. They want a billion people with a 1,000 subs no more big subs numbers for creators. Real success is not part of there plan anymore.

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