YouTube Money Calculator

We get asked a LOT about how much money can be made on YouTube, and with this in mind, we have released our new YouTube Money Calculator tool. The tool can be accessed in the footer of any page on our website, on the far right under “Important Links.”


This tool can be used to see how much money you could be making with different views or CPM levels. You can import the information from your current YouTube username (or anyone else’s). You can then change the range of CPM to be closer to what you’re actually receiving (check in your YouTube analytics) to get a better estimate, then you can slide the daily view count slider away to see how many views it would take to achieve certain levels of earnings.

Of course, be sure to share your results with our handy social media links on the bottom of the page. Use this tool to set more realistic goals, and dream about YouTube fame and fortune. We foresee it being a super-popular tool on our website!

Estimated Youtube Money Calculator (By Social Blade) (20140506)