YouTube rolls out mobile live streaming to channels with 10,000 subscribers

YouTube rolls out mobile live streaming

YouTube announced their mobile live streaming feature last June at the 7th annual VidCon. Today, it rolls out to every creator with at least 10,000 subscribers.

The new feature allows creators to go live directly from the YouTube app on iOS and Android. YouTube Live has been available to everyone since 2011, but only on desktop – an unwelcoming and clunky experience. The convenience of mobile will allow the video giant to compete with the likes of Instagram and Facebook, the latter of which has been pushing live video hard, shelling out millions in live contracts to get celebrities on board.

“It’s a launch that’ll put the power of live streaming in the hands of hundreds of thousands of talented creators,” wrote YouTube, in a blog post, “giving them a more intimate and spontaneous way to share their thoughts, lives, and creativity.”

Adoption of YouTube’s mobile live streaming feature will likely be high, and without the need to pay creators up front. YouTube’s new revenue-generating feature Super Chat rolled out to everyone with at least 1,000 subscribers last week, presenting creators with large audiences the potential to earn major cash.

In the initial days of Super Chat, creators were already raking in thousands. The channel Typical Gamer earned a reported $4,000 through Super Chat contributions in just 90 minutes of playing Grand Theft Auto, according to Tubefilter. Clintus McGintus reportedly earned $900 while broadcasting for half an hour at Target.

The process of going live from mobile

Mobile live streams will appear in the subscription feed, on channel pages, in search, and around the site like traditional videos. Streams will also be archived (with the option to set recordings as public or private) for on-demand viewing.

YouTube plans to roll out mobile live streaming to all creators, regardless of channel size, “soon.”