YouTube rolls out ‘Incognito Mode’ for private viewing on Android

YouTube rolls out 'Incognito Mode' for private viewing on Android

YouTube is rolling out an in-app version of ‘Incognito Mode’ on Android, allowing users to browse privately without saving history or influencing future recommendations.

Enabling the feature is easy: users simply click the “Turn on Incognito” button from the Account page. Incognito mode is signified by a hat-and-shades icon in the top-right corner of the app, and subscriptions, inbox, and other account-specific features are hidden from view.

The feature has been in testing since May, 9to5Google reports.

YouTube’s older feature, allowing users to pause watch and search history, still exists and can be enabled within Settings. Pausing watch and search history will still retain influence over future recommendations.

It’s not immediately clear when or if Incognito Mode will roll out on iOS.