YouTube to ditch 30-second unskippable ads in 2018

YouTube is ditching 30-second unskippable ads in 2018

Those 30-second unskippable ads that everyone hates are going away.

“We’re committed to providing a better ads experience for users online,” a Google spokesperson told Campaign (which was later verified by The Verge). “As part of that, we’ve decided to stop supporting 30-second unskippable ads in 2018 and focus instead on formats that work well for both users and advertisers.”

Other formats, including 15- to 20-second unskippable and 6-second “Bumper” ads will continue, along with 5-second skippable ads.

Google is facing increased competition from Facebook, and is taking steps to ensure both viewers and advertisers are satisfied. By giving advertisers more than 10 months notice, ad agencies and marketing teams have plenty of time to adjust strategy.

The change won’t happen until 2018, though, so there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the always captivating long ads.

  • ChewCraft

    Yay! The hype is real here.

  • vecuccio

    How long since anyone saw a Youtube Ad ? So many browser addons that
    block them, that i’m not surprised they are officially scrapping them.

    • The Historical Gamer

      If no one was watching them then google would shut down youtube. No ad revenue no youtube. It’s a business not a charity.

      • Nonya

        I’m surprised Youtube didn’t try to get ad blockers banned. They would be so much more money and you tubers would too.

        • they wouldn’t do that since thats their whole user base

        • Joe W Jackson Jr.

          YouTube needs a way to make it so that the ads can not be blocked. I mean seriously we have to deal with them watching the TV. A Youtube creator can not pay for video gear to increase production and cover other cost without revenue. If people want charity videos, then they will get the lamest crap the internet has to offer and pretty much most of it will be un watchable..

      • elektrenai

        I hate charity so gee dee much!

    • Stone Sparks

      Adblockers are bad! You are hurting the content creator and youtube. If you REALLY like the people you watch then you would take adblocker OFF

      • Kinren

        Yes. However, Youtube made it impossible to whitelist channels because each video has a unique url, most likely on purpose. So, until they fix that, my ad block stays on.

      • Maxwelhse

        Just kick the creators you enjoy a couple of bucks a month to their paypal directly or become a patron. For most channels it would take you the rest of your life to view enough of their videos for you to personally be responsible for even $5.

        • elektrenai

          You’re actually doing that? What a hassle. Just turn on the ******* ads.

          • Maxwelhse

            Yep. I really do. It takes way less time than watching the ads and the I find the ads insulting to my intelligence. Plus I don’t like giving Google the money either.

    • clare

      I think why YouTube is doing this is there going to make ads un blockable. So first get rid of the long ads that everyone hates then release the same thing twitch will be doing by loading the shorter ads directly in the video stream so if you try to block the ad all your doing is blocking the video itself basicly impossible to block ads unlike the current method is just a html overlay of a ad that is easily blockable.. 2017 is going to be a big year for webmasters fighting back against AB. As a webmaster AB only has two things going for it one blocking ads and the other some know I will be taking care of that so in the end the plugins will be useless.

  • Richard Gethard

    Just refresh the video, ad goes away instantly. There’s a YT hack for you guys!

    • Not always! They’ve tended to still have an ad, unless you’re dedicated enough to refresh multiple times until the ad is gone :/

  • Coolio! 😀

  • Gary

    I’m a simple adblock user, I don’t see ads 🙂

    • Stone Sparks

      you are hurting youtube and its creators.

      • Wulfen73

        Just youtube, most creators see barely anything from youtube, also they will just have to suffer until they stop being a common vector for malware

        • elektrenai

          That’s an excuse.

          • Wulfen73

            No, it is a reason, google adsense is a piece of garbage with poor protections.

            If you don’t like my reason you are welcome to counter it, but you can’t counter it, I work in the industry and I’ll tell you adblock is VERY popular among power users

      • Patrick94GSR .

        you can disable AdBlock for specific channels if you like and want to support them more.

  • DizzyingKaleidoscope