YouTube Creators Getting Better Tools

YouTube has released a video promising to help creators boost their content, reach a wider audience, and make more money. The video featuring Matt Glotzbach, the Director of Creator Product Management, previews upcoming tools, and highlights some current tools that creators should be taking advantage of.

New Youtube creator tools

Tools Currently Available

The YouTube Audio Library has been updated with more tracks, and YouTube will be continuing to add to it. Their library provides royalty-free audio that can be used by creators.

YouTube has also developed a Creator Academy to teach creators how to better create and manage their content.

Perhaps one of the most exciting current tools is the ability for musicians to now share in revenue from cover songs. This is only available on some cover songs, and only to users in the YouTube Partner Program. Some users who are in networks also get this through their network.

In the video, YouTube also claims that their improved comment management is a good tool for creators, but with all the controversy surrounding the roll-out and subsequent issues with their comment system, it may not be fair for them to claim it as a great tool.

Tools Coming Soon

Coming soon, YouTube has promised to create a mobile app with creators in mind. Having heard about the frustration many creators have when trying to manage or upload from their mobile devices, YouTube is trying to fix that with with a new app. Depending on if it works, this would be a huge step forward for YouTube, who has been falling a little behind the times when it comes to mobile.

YouTube is also going to be starting a creator-fan-funding tool on YouTube. Unlike the epic failure of paid subscriptions, this would allow fans to voluntarily donate directly to their favorite creators, helping to fund series. This could be a big win for creators trying to make a living on YouTube.

YouTube is also going to be adding royalty-free sound effects to their Audio Library, and helping to grow more international audiences through fan-contributed captions.

Our Reaction

YouTube’s made some great promises, but we’re not going to hold our breath waiting for any of the new tools. Even if they are coming soon, whether they work the way they’re promised to is a whole other story. What do you think of YouTube’s latest promises?