YouTube announces revamped Creator Studio dashboard

YouTube announces revamp of Creator Studio dashboard

YouTube announced that Creator Studio is being re-built with some much-needed and frequently-requested changes, including a name change to “YouTube Studio.”

The current Creator Studio features a variety of channel management tools that creators use to manage their content. With the new changes, YouTube specifically targets a few key areas including insights, video management, and account access and control.

While details are still coming in about the surprise announcement that took place during the Creator Keynote at VidCon, we do know a few things about the new YouTube Studio.

Smarter Insights

YouTube showcases what appears to be a “Suggestions” tool for creators to capitalize on popular comments on their videos, showing interaction suggestions such as “liking” a comment, or answering a question.

Smarter Video Management

YouTube also showcases a tool to edit video titles, descriptions, and settings in one place, all at the same time. “With in-line editing and smart filtering, you’d be able to navigate your channel quickly and make changes in no time,” the company writes.

Smarter Account Access

With the rise of teams working on an individual YouTube channel, the current rigid channel management roles make protecting sensitive analytics and information difficult. YouTube showcases what appears to be a way to manage these permissions with more flexibility. “With smarter account access, you’d be able to customize who sees sensitive information like analytics, revenue, and more.”

The beta is available starting today. Want to sign up? YouTube has created a website with more information, where you can also join the waitlist.