YouTube announces YouTube TV, a $35 bundle of 40+ cable TV channels

YouTube TV announced

At a press event in Los Angeles earlier this afternoon, YouTube announced their own streaming TV service.

YouTube TV will bundle 40+ channels, including the major networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, as well as cable channels like ESPN, FX, The CW, and Disney, all of which will be available for streaming online.

YouTube TV's channel lineup
YouTube TV’s full lineup

The service will be available on all desktop and mobile devices, and can be streamed on any TV using a Google Chromecast.

YouTube TV will also include unlimited cloud DVR storage. Subscribers can record as many live TV shows as they want, simultaneously, without taking up hard drive space. DVR recordings can be watched on any device as well.

“There’s no question that millennials love great TV content, but what we’ve seen is they don’t want to watch it in the traditional setting,” said YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, at the press event.

A subscription to YouTube TV also includes YouTube Red original content, which would cost $9.99/month on its own.

Subscribers have the ability to add up to six users, three of which can stream live TV concurrently, to their plan. Each user has their own personalized recommendations and separate DVR storage.

This is, by far, YouTube’s biggest step yet in an attempt to move customers away from traditional cable subscriptions to entirely OTT content.

Much like other bundles, however, it does have gaps. YouTube didn’t strike a deal with Viacom, which means channels like Comedy Central and MTV are missing, and Turner Broadcasting, which owns CNN and TBS. YouTube will offer a number of à la carte channels, available for an additional cost.

“With so much great content available on TV, we’re thrilled to build an experience that lets you enjoy it as easily as you watch YouTube,” wrote YouTube Product Management Director Christian Oestlien.

YouTube TV is coming soon to “the largest U.S. markets,” with expansion planned shortly after launch. Those interested can sign up at to get notified when the service launches in their market.

  • Youtube has come of age and become ‘real’ tv but I wonder if the entire thing is on it’s head. We now have a TV ‘station’ where the largest channel (Youtube) is normal people from all around the world uploading video of their daily lives. My bet is once the novelty of the major networks wears off, people will realise how infinitely more interesting real life videos are and Youtube creators will actually see a rise in viewers.

    • Alfredo Putamadre

      Yeah no thanks, there is a place for interesting real life videos and it’s YouTube, TV shows and movies will never be replaced by any vlogger or gameplay.

      • Ha, ha – good point Alfredo, but I was more suggesting that the cross pollination from the network channels back to YouTube will give existing Youtube channels access to new audiences and thus a rise in views. Of course this process of proximity ‘discovery’ will work back the other way too and potentially give network shows new viewers too. Have a great day mate!

    • YouTube TV will bundle 40+ channels, including the major networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, as well as cable channels like ESPN, FX, The CW, and Disney, all of which will be available for streaming online.

  • itanshi

    Look, I have a terabyte bandwidth cap per month. I cannot afford a service like this and the cost of going over my limit using it. How does this make any sense?

    • You must not be in America, because we don’t have bandwidth caps. And if you are, then you should consider switching your provider, because caps are virtually unheard of.

      • Alfredo Putamadre

        Rural areas have caps, well any internet connection has a cap, there is no such thing as unlimited. There is always a limit, but it’s probably so high you never reached it. I assure you, if you setup a server at home and start video streaming 24/7 your ISP will call you and tell you to buy a business plan, because you will hit their cap.

        • Joe W Jackson Jr.

          No most US and non EU countries do not have caps unless your on a satellite.

          • Alfredo Putamadre

            If you live in the city yes

          • Joe W Jackson Jr.

            No there is not. If you have a cap. Its your current ISP and you should switch. I have lived all over the USA and now live in the Philippines. Plus I have friends all over the world that I talk to daily. EU area and parts of Australia and NZ are the only parts that have these caps. Yes if your pumping out server content like a mad man your ISP may contact you for a business account as that is not considered non-commercial usage. So its NOT a cap.



    Would be great to see if YouTube will promote recommended similar content away from “real channels” and towards YouTube content that has a similar feel?

  • The record feature and the unlimited space is awesome! I think this will be a very cool service and the price tag is not too bad as well. 🙂

    • Alfredo Putamadre

      Unlimited space a.k.a. videos are on youtube and “recording” is a timestamp.

  • wrestlingrules

    I’ll just stick with something like a Kodi box. You can get everything you want for free once you buy it and get the newest episodes for anything you want a few hours after it originally airs. Even the newest movies etc. Cut the cord, people. Seriously. If not what I mentioned there are sooo many other options out there. Why feed the beast because at 35 bucks with taxes you’re still looking at over 40+ a month.

    • Alfredo Putamadre

      Kodi + Exodus if you want a “netflix”, but you can add any channel in the world for free. It’s illegal but I don’t care

  • Joe W Jackson Jr.

    S*** ton of News and Sports channels.. Hmm no thank you..

  • Zulus

    I don’t like most of the channels.. news and sports channels are not gonna get many teens asking their parents for a subscription for this. no HBO and nothing worth watching that I would dish over 30 bucks a month for.
    Seems those news channels are begging for views.

  • Tigana Bryan

    Why not just use websites like couchtuner or solarmovie? They’re completely free and with an adblocker you’re protected. The sites aren’t illegal for you to use because they stream from 3rd party sites.

  • clare

    The problem where I live it’s cheaper to get basic cable + internet package than it is just to get internet. Until someone steps up the internet game there just going to charge more for internet if cable TV dies.

  • Rudolph ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Enough with youtube producing crap, now they offer brainwashing packages for $35 …

  • Zophie Vapes

    No Cartoon Network! No way sticking with Playstation Vue and Kodi.

  • Mickel Johnson

    And so begins the mainstream medias takeover of youtube, pushing actual creators into the background, hiding them with hidden filters and unwanted censorship.