YouTube Ad Revenue Policy Changes

YouTube’s 55 percent cut of ad revenue has been a contentious issue for many content creators. While many consider that it’s too high, YouTube does provide the platform, free tools, and of course, the sales team to sell the ads to prospective advertisers. Still, many YouTubers disagree with the division of the ad revenue, especially considering how YouTube gets that average of 55 percent from nearly every monetized video.

YouTube Cash

That’s all about to change though. YouTube’s recent policy update allows channels to sell ads at a higher rate than Google’s minimum fee and to keep 100 percent above that fee. This change will likely not affect content creators who don’t have their own sales teams, but for channels that have deals with networks, or corporate channels that have their own sales teams, could see a huge increase in overall revenue.

TV networks may be out of luck though.

As reported by Ad Age, YouTube has been giving TV networks great deals on ad revenue in the past, but that’s going to be over with soon. Depending on when the TV network signed a deal with YouTube, soon they will be changing from receiving 70 percent of the advertising revenue to 45 percent, which is standard. Of course, since most TV networks have their own sales teams, they could be raking it in selling ads over that minimum fee.