Vine co-founder working on a Vine 2.0

Vine co-founder working on a sequel to Vine

Vine’s co-founder, Dom Hofmann, is planning a successor to the ultra-popular six-second video app that was killed off by Twitter late last year.

Hofmann didn’t offer any other specifics, and it’s not clear what shape or form the app will take. The entrepreneur is currently working on another project called Interspace, which appears to be mysterious in its own right. Vine’s other co-founders, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, launched their own app in October – a live trivia game called HQ.

Viners everywhere began crawling out of their graves Wednesday morning, as Hofmann shared a teaser image of what might be a potential logo for the new platform.

Although Vine ceased to exist as an app, videos were still preserved on Vine’s website and continue to be shared on Twitter, more than a year later.

“Founder of vine, working on v2 and some other stuff now,” Hoffman’s new Twitter bio reads.