VidCon to Offer Three-Day Live Stream Sponsored by YouTube


For the first time ever, VidCon will be offering a free live stream to fans, creators, and industry members that can’t make the trip out to Anaheim.

Sponsored by YouTube, the live stream will feature “key moments” from VidCon’s nine stages, behind-the-scenes content from backstage, and interviews with featured creators. The stream will be co-hosted by popular internet personalities Kingsley, Lee Newton, and Elliott Morgan.

“I’m so honored to be hosting VidCon’s first ever livestream so we can bring all of the excitement back to the platform that helped us get here and share it with the community that helped us grow,” said Kingsley.

Highlights from the stream will include YouTube’s annual industry track keynote by CEO Susan Wojcicki, Q&As with prominent featured creators (Connor Franta, Smosh, SourceFed), a variety show (hosted by Kingsley and Miles Jai, featuring VidCon founders Hank and John Green), and the creator track keynote with a diverse collection of different creators.

“We are excited to bring VidCon to all the fans and creators in the world who can’t attend the event,” said YouTube Live product lead Kurt Wilms. “We’ve supported live streaming since 2011 and can’t wait to power the technology behind this important event to our community.”

The live stream will run from 9am-6pm throughout all three days of VidCon, which takes place later this month, June 23-25. The stream will be available at and on VidCon’s YouTube channel, which is also where content will be available on-demand after the convention.

VidCon will tout a record amount of programming this year, with nearly 700 speakers and almost 400 different sessions. Registration is set to close by end of day Friday.