Vidcon Bound! – Social Blade Comic #6

Follow the crew this week as they start heading towards the Vidcon!

Social Blade Comic 6

It’s always a challenge getting all of us to a convention! Unlike in the comic strip, the Social Blade staff lives all over the country. For Vidcon this year, we have people coming from New Jersey, North Carolina, and Washington. We’ll be taking airplanes (except for Danny, who is actually roadtripping it with his dad), and it usually takes us at least an hour to book airline tickets from all our different areas to arrive around the same time at the airport where we’re going. Then, of course, return flights all leaving around the same time after the convention. Someone inevitably ends up having to wait a couple hours at the airport.

When we went to Playlist Live in March, we found out that although we all ended up at the same airport, we were in completely different terminals, which made for a LOT of walking to meet up. We had quite the adventure trying to get back as well, although that’s a story for a different comic!

While it’s a challenge, it’s always worth it to make the journey out to a show to meet all of you. If there’s ever a convention or show you think we should go to, email me, and we’ll definitely consider it, although we may have to borrow all of Dave’s quad and hexcopters to get there! 🙂

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