Twitter announces pre-roll monetization on Periscope

Twitter announces pre-roll monetization on Periscope

Twitter has announced their latest monetization opportunity for publishers, in the form of pre-roll ads on Periscope broadcasts.

The new ad spot is powered by Twitter’s Amplify product, which is currently used for pre-rolls on the main Twitter platform. Publishers will pocket roughly 70 percent of generated ad revenue, with Twitter keeping the other 30 percent, according to Recode. Pre-rolls will come in the form of both shorter non-skippable ads, and longer skippable ads, similar to YouTube’s ad formats.

Advertisers will be able to buy ads against select groups of “premium publishers” and other content creators, ensuring brand-safe ad placement. Twitter is hoping to capitalize on the 250+ advertisers that have suspended their contracts with Google over ads reportedly running on hate speech and extremist content.

Monetization partners are still limited to those within the Amplify program, which represents a fairly small subset of overall video publishers – primarily major media networks like the NFL, NBA, and MTV.

While it’s not clear how many publishers will be enabled for Periscope ads, Twitter needs all the ad revenue they can get, after reporting shrinking revenues earlier this year.