Twitter expands video monetization, offers industry-leading revenue share

Twitter's Amplify video monetization program is being expanded to individual publishers. (Twitter)

Twitter is making huge moves in their push for more video content today: opening their monetization platform and offering an industry-leading revenue split as an incentive.

Twitter Amplify is the name of the video monetization program, which opened to a wide range of corporate publishers about a year ago. Today’s expansion is to individual creators. The program still mandates that users apply, but a seemingly larger number of users are expected to be approved this time around.

The logistics of the program are simple: when a creator is ready to tweet a video, they’ll see a check box giving them the option to include a pre-roll ad. Members of the Amplify program aren’t required to monetize all of their content, and Twitter isn’t asking for content shared to be exclusive to the platform either.

Twitter is offering an industry-leading revenue split: 70 percent to the creator, and 30 percent to Twitter, according to Recode. For comparison, YouTube and Amazon only offer creators a 55/45 split on ad-supported content.

With this program announcement, Twitter has also announced an update to their video publishing tools – replacing their old video manager with a new product called Media Studio. Media Studio acts as a library of everything a user has ever uploaded. The tool allows for easy re-publishing of old photos and videos, scheduling of future media posts, and quick access to video-specific metrics like views and completion rates.

Twitter's Media Studio tool.
Inside Media Studio. (Twitter)

While it’s not immediately clear what the criteria for accessing the tool is, you can try at to see if you’re able to get in. If you aren’t already enabled for the feature, Twitter has a form set up to request access. Similar features are available using Twitter Engage on mobile, which is open to all users.

Creators interested in Twitter Amplify can apply here.