Twitter employee deactivates Donald Trump’s account, quits job

Twitter employee deactivates Donald Trump's account as final move before quitting

A Twitter customer support employee deactivated Donald Trump’s account right before quitting their job, Twitter reported on Thursday evening.

The President of the United States’ account was down for approximately 11 minutes, before alarms started going off at Twitter HQ and the account was brought back online.

POTUS himself didn’t seem to notice – or at least didn’t tweet about it. But others were quick to react.

Some questioned whether the amount of power apparently given to customer support employees was appropriate for the job.

If only the savage employee could’ve verified my Twitter account at the same time.


    • IamAJ 2502

      the president needs to stay the hell off of twitter and do his job, anyway.

      • Vincent Kinney

        He’s doing both. Take care salty liberal.

        • Kenton

          He *really* isn’t.

  • BeanMeister22

    The problem is…if they can wrongly do it to the POTUS, they can wrongly do it to any one of us. As for the Prez, love him, or hate him, but what they did was wrong and if people can’t admit that fact, none of our accounts are safe.

    • CF Harris Net

      who cares. THE WORLD needs him to SHUT UP and stop debasing the USA with his lies and crap!

    • oh nooooo! not your account :O the horror….

  • Brian Gibson

    I like turtles

  • Lucius

    What a child. Republicans also despised Obama but they didn’t act like toddlers. Democrats are embarrassing themselves. No one wants to vote for sore losers.

    • CF Harris Net

      Why won’t they shut him down? Answer> afraid of jobs when people realize they can actually make a difference with the shit president the USA has.