Twitch sets new all-time concurrent viewer record at E3 2018

Twitch sets new all-time concurrent viewer record at E3 2018

Twitch set a new record for most concurrent viewers on the platform, reaching a total of 2.9 million simultaneous viewers on June 10 during E3 this year. The platform’s previous record was set in January at 2.5 million.

Viewers watched a total of more than 26 million hours of E3 content across Twitch in 2018 – up 106% from last year. Engagement was also up, with chat activity up 2x from last year.

Most notable is the amount of co-streaming that happened during E3. Co-streaming allows other users to stream someone else’s broadcast, while still providing their own commentary, and accounted for more than half of Twitch’s total expo viewership. Co-streaming was up 5x over last year.

Twitch co-streaming during E3

Co-streaming, among other uses, allows for multi-lingual individuals to translate and narrate a broadcast to make it accessible for those in other regions. Twitch says that E3 broadcasts were co-streamed and translated into around 20 different languages, which was a major contributing factor to the amount of concurrent viewers. Viewership in Brazil jumped 222% over last year; Argentina increased 180%, and Spain increased 143%.

Twitch's global presence of E3 streams

Twitch’s coverage attracted 97 million total views across the platform, with the average viewer watching about 76 minutes of content. E3 took place June 12-14 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.