Twitch Prime: Amazon Prime subscribers now eligible for Twitch perks

Twitch Prime announced, included with Amazon Prime subscription

Amazon purchased Twitch over two years ago in a deal worth $970 million. Since then, we’ve seen very few moves to integrate the two totally different websites with each other – until now.

A subscription to Amazon Prime now includes a subscription to Twitch Prime, Twitch CEO Emmett Shear announced at the second annual TwitchCon last weekend. Existing subscribers can link their accounts and immediately start receiving benefits. Twitch Prime subscribers receive all the benefits of Twitch Turbo (which, by itself, would cost $9/mo).

Twitch Prime includes ad-free viewing, a set of exclusive chat emoticons, a badge next to your name, an extended set of chat colors, and the option to subscribe to a new Twitch channel for free every 30 days. Subscribers also receive in-game perks to a number of partner games like Hearthstone and Smite.

“Our goal for Twitch Prime is to make this undeniably the best deal for gamers online,” said Shear. “We would like to get it to the point where, to crib [Amazon CEO] Jeff Bezos here, you are almost irresponsible if you are not a Twitch Prime subscriber.”

Amazon isn’t stopping there, though. Yesterday, the e-commerce giant announced Amazon Prime Reading. The service now includes access to a rotating selection of 1,000 ebooks free with an Amazon Prime subscription, including best sellers like the Harry Potter series. Subscribers can access the ebooks using the free Kindle app for iOS and Android devices, or on the web using the Kindle Cloud Reader.

Amazon currently has more than 63 million Prime customers – more than they do non-Prime customers.