Twitch Begins Rollout of New ‘Clips’ Feature


In a post to their official blog yesterday, Twitch announced a new feature that makes it easier for fans to save the best moments while watching their favorite streamers.

Appropriately named ‘Clips,’ one click of a button allows the viewer to save the last 25 seconds (and the following 5 seconds) of a broadcast in real time, giving them a URL to share all around the web.

A demonstration of Twitch's new Clips feature.
A demonstration of Twitch’s new Clips feature. (Courtesy: Twitch)

The Clip page will feature the names of both the streamer and the one that made the clip – here’s an example Clip. If the streamer is still live, the viewer will see an option to join the stream. If the stream is over but a recording is available, they will be able to continue watching the recording from that point.

For fans creating Clips, the Twitch announcement mentions one caveat – fans will need to save the URL right when they create the Clip. Once the dialog with the Clip’s link has been closed, it’s not possible to retrieve it. It’s also worth mentioning that Clips are only viewable on the Twitch website – it’s not possible to save clips and upload them natively elsewhere.

This new feature is currently available to a select number of viewers during streams by Twitch Partners, with a wide-scale roll out to all users expected “over the coming weeks.”