Tune in Next Week!

You hear it at the end of almost every video; “Comment, rate and subscribe!” Comments and ratings give feedback, but what really is the purpose of subscriptions? People brag about how many subscribers they have, but does that really count?

The number of subscribers you have really doesn’t say anything about your channel other than you convinced a lot of people to subscribe. There are plenty of channels out there that have tons of subscribers, but no views; therefore, no income. Subscribing isn’t important in itself; it is simply a tool that is used to gain views.

The way subscriptions are designed to work is to let people who are interested in your channel know when you have a new video so that they can watch it. It’s a win-win: they get to watch your latest video, and you get the view. But, if you are focusing on getting subscribers, and are convincing people to subscribe even though they are not really interested, or going to, watch future videos, you are just skewing your expectations for views.

For instance, it has become popular to make a sub-for-sub deal, where you exchange subscriptions with another YouTuber. If neither of you actually watches the other person’s channel, really what’s the point? The same goes for purchasing subs. It doesn’t increase your income or your views. It just makes people wonder why a channel with so many subscribers gets no views. To be honest, that makes a channel look very bad.

TV in the 1950sWe’re not saying that focusing on having a lot of subscribers is a bad thing; what we are saying is that the number of subscribers someone has is not an accurate reflection of their potential views. Instead of focusing on inflating the number of subscribers you have and not concerning yourself with whether or not they actually want to watch your channel, focus instead on bumping up your views. Believe it or not, there are lots of viewers out there who will refuse to subscribe simply because they don’t want to receive the emails, or have their sub box full.

If you want to grow your channel, it’s better to focus on the number of views you are getting instead, and work on getting active subs; people who will actually return to tune in next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel!