The First Annual North Carolina YouTube Gathering!

This weekend’s gathering in Raleigh was definitely a success. While we didn’t have as many people show up as we had expected, but we were able to really connect with the people that did. It was really great to be able to connect with other YouTubers and hear each others’ stories of how we all ended up on YouTube.

Our Gaming guy, Tim, was really excited to meet one of his favorite YouTubers of all time, Ty Moss of TysiPhoneHelp. After the gathering, Tim said that meeting Ty was “just like meeting another guy.”


NCYT 2013 At the Park
AlexAndAlisane, TheAntiSocialMedia, LazyRonStudios, EyePorter, SonicOrbStudios, Pugnacious10, TColeKid13, WassabiProductions, SirVlogsaLot00, daLunatic23, theWaffleIrons. Photo by Urgo6667

That is one of the great things about YouTube gatherings; even though some people have millions of views, and some people are still trying to pick a channel name, we all get to hang out. There wasn’t any real celebrity gawking (although Alex of WassabiProductions was surrounded for a time), and everyone was really laid back.

The Social Blade team set up around noon at the Grassy Area in Fred G. Bond Metro Park. Even though it was really hot out, we had a great turnout.

Around 3, we had enough of the heat and decided to move on to pizza at The Mellow Mushroom. We ate pizza, talked, laughed, and passed around a LOT of cameras. Like Brandon from sirVLOGSalot commented, it was like quadruple vlogging.

NCYT 2013 Pizza
theWaffleIrons, SirVlogsaLot00, TysiPhoneHelp, TimsVlogs, AlluringAdrianna, TColeKid13, SonicOrbStudios, CorporalBruno, EndlessGrind78, TryThis0001, EyePorter, DaLunatic23. Photo by Urgo6667

After pizza, we decided to go bowling. By this time it was getting late, and a lot of people had to go home, but we still ended up getting three lanes and playing through a couple games. We even got security called on us when TColekid13 climbed up into an arcade game, had balls handed to him, and totally cheated to get the high score. After all, what type of gathering is it if security doesn’t get called at least once?

All in all, it was an awesome time, and we got to meet some new people and make new friends. It was a great kickoff to the annual North Carolina YouTube Gathering!

NCYT 2013 Bowling League
TryThis0001, TColeKid13, SirVlogsaLot00, SonicOrbStudios, EndlessGrind78, AlluringAdrianna, TimsVlogs, TysiPhoneHelp, Urgo6667