Tana Mongeau to host star-studded VidCon rival ‘TanaCon’

Tana Mongeau launches star-studded TanaCon to rival VidCon

Tana Mongeau, well-known for her colorful and often controversial YouTube videos, will host her own convention to rival VidCon later this month.

Mongeau’s frustration with VidCon began two years ago, when she was allegedly invited as a guest to the show, but arrived only to find her invitation rescinded. She detailed her experience in a marathon 78-minute long video entitled “Why I Won’t Be Attending VidCon 2018: A Rant,” in which she explains that even after showing up to participate in programming she was scheduled for, she was kicked out of the venue for causing commotion due to her high-profile presence in unsecured areas. She describes the same experience happening at last year’s VidCon, in which her lack of a “Featured Creator” badge prevented her from being able to move safely throughout the venue, subsequently resulting in convention executives banning her from the event.

Her response? TanaCon – a two-day convention taking place less than a mile down the road from VidCon at a neighboring hotel, on the same weekend, where all attendees are referred to as “Featured Creators.”

The majority of tickets to TanaCon were available for free (or rather $1, to discourage non-attendees from snatching up all the tickets), including access to the main stage, panels, and meet-up opportunities. As of Monday, all free tickets appeared sold out. A limited amount of $65 VIP “Featured F**king Creator” tickets are also available, which will also include gift bags and private, more exclusive meet-ups.

A list of special guests – dubbed “Not Featured Creators” on the TanaCon website – include Shane Dawson, Ricky Dillon, Elijah Daniel, and actress Bella Thorne, among roughly 50 others currently announced.

“This year Tana is throwing her first convention and just like I supported the Greens in 2010 on their first venture, this year I’m gonna do the same for Tana,” said Dawson, in a statement posted to Twitter – referring to Hank and John Green, the founders of VidCon. “I’m so proud of her for trying something like this. I feel like a proud dad.”

In response to all of the excitement around TanaCon, the VidCon team posted a series of tweets reiterating their mission and desire to improve, as well as spreading well-wishes to all. “We hope everyone has a wonderful summer whether you’re going to VidCon, TanaCon, another event, or just staying home,” they wrote.

A few hours later, veteran creator and long-time VidCon attendee Grace Helbig expressed interest in Mongeau’s event, tweeting at her to ask for a ticket.


The 9th annual VidCon will take place June 22-24 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Earlier this year, multinational media conglomerate Viacom acquired VidCon for an undisclosed amount of money. The convention boasted 30,000 attendees last year.

TanaCon is being produced by Good Times Entertainment, a digital media talent management and live events company, and is set to take place June 22-23 at the Anaheim Marriott Suites.

It’s unclear exactly how many attendees the event expects to draw, but with a star-studded lineup featuring some of the biggest influencers in digital media, it’s sure to be a don’t-miss event.