How Social Blade Updates Statistics

We often receive questions about how often our statistics are updated. The short answer is that it varies based on demand.

We get our statistics directly from the API of the websites that we track. They place a limit on how often we can pull information, so we have to prioritize what we update. The way we decide this is based on supply and demand laws.

If a channel is checked on Social Blade (SB)  stats several times a day, we will update their stats more often, up to once every hour. If, however, a channel is only checked on SB once a week, we may only update once every several days.

Because of this, you may see a slight time delay on some statistics, especially if the channel isn’t checked very often.


YouTube Statistics Slightly Different

PA related question we get is why our numbers seem to be different from those on YouTube or on other stats sites. This often has to do with that time delay, or time zones. For instance, we track stats on Eastern Standard Time, since our company is based in Raleigh. So when we show the number of views or subs for a particular date, that’s from 12:00 am EST to 11:59 pm EST. If you live in a different time zone, your numbers may be slightly different on YouTube because you are tracking the day in PST, which makes for several hours difference.

Statistics Not Updating

Another reason that sometimes our stats seem to be frozen or not update for awhile is because YouTube doesn’t update their stats. Because we draw our information directly from them, if they don’t update for some reason, or show a zero count because they are auditing a channel, the stats won’t update on our site either. In that case, it’s handy to check a couple other channels to see if they also seem frozen, or check back in a little bit. As mentioned before, stats update based on supply and demand, so if you only check once a week, you may have to check back in a day to see if your stats have updated. If you check several times a day, your stats will often refresh within 15 minutes, assuming that YouTube is updating their stats.

Get Your Stats to Update More Often

The good news is that because we have a supply and demand system, you can easily increase how often your stats update by simply checking your channel more often. Just search your channel name a couple times a day for a week, and we’ll be refreshing your stats several times a day as well. You can also leave Social Blade open in a tab in your browser. As the page occasionally auto-refreshes, you’ll gain more “activity points,” which is what we use to prioritize people.

If you’re not near a computer, you can also check your stats on our handy mobile apps. We have both an Android and iOS app available, and they are a fantastic way to quickly check your stats on the go.