Social Blade Sets New Worldwide Milestone!

Top 1000

Websites Worldwide!

Last night, right before bed, something really amazing and humbling happened!  You know Social Blade as the website to go to to check your YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter stats; a place to look how your profile is doing and see how you rank up against everyone else.  For websites there is a site called Alexa, which is run by Amazon that does the same thing.  We’ve been keeping a close eye on it for a while and last night we broke into the top 1000 sites world wide!

Now just to put this in perspective, being ranked #989 as we are right now may seem like still a high number but when you look at something well known outside of our industry such as some of the top airlines in the USA and see that Delta is ranked #1130, United #1319, Southwest #1017, American #1354, and Jetblue #3286 you’ll see that we beat them all!

So today, not two weeks after we celebrated our 9th birthday I just wanted to say yet again THANK YOU! We work endlessly to create a place for you to trust when comparing social media profiles but without you actually using it we would be nothing so THANK YOU for bestoying us with this great honor!  Also know that we will not stop now that we broke through the top 1000.  Top 500 here we come!

Until next time, thank you one last time,

Jason Urgo
Founder and CEO

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  • krayomaster

    Well done !

  • CC and Wally

    Pretty cool!

  • HClivess

    Good, can you now fix your RSS feed please?

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